Tent Or Temple?

For 400 years all the Israelites knew was the Tent of Worship. Moses saw a revelation of it from heaven. But David saw a Temple. What do you see?

The Bezalel Connection

Until you are connected on earth to the people you are connected to in heaven, your life will be meaningless even with all your skills.

The Pattern

THE PATTERN According to Pastor Tunde Strong, “If it does not begin in Heaven, it will end in shame on…

Diviñe Collabo

THE LAW OF DIVINE COLLABORATION The bible says after all the work God did in Genesis 1, He could not…

The 8th Day of Creation

God worked for 6 days, rested on the 7th day and then here comes the 8th Day of creation – the day of Manifestation. For the created to manifest, God had to roll up his sleeves and get to work! The phase of conceptualization and design was over. The phase of implementation and execution had to take over.

The Truth About Easter

When you reconstruct the death and resurrection of Jesus, you simply stand amazed and overwhelmed by how much the Bible…

The Temple Meets THE TEMPLE

The Temple Meets THE TEMPLE The Temple of Jerusalem was a masterpiece. There was a prophecy in Malachi 3:1-2 indicting…